Teeth Whitening


Whether it is a small spot in your smile that bothers you or an entire smile rejuvenation, we have options available to help you achieve the brighter, whiter, beautiful smile you desire. Whatever you need, we want to provide comfortable, pain-free care using different techniques to achieve the desired level of comfort during your treatment.  We will discuss your concerns and the options available to make your experience comfortable and relaxing.


Many different factors contribute to stained or dark teeth.  Teeth may be stained from the outside by coffee & tea, tobacco, medications, etc.  One or more teeth may become dark due to factors from the inside including trauma or death of the nerve, medications or mineral in water when the tooth was forming, and other factors.

Stained teeth can be whitened significantly to a beautiful shade. Both in-office and at-home whitening methods are available.  After an exam, we will make a recommendation on which may be best for you.  In-office whitening provides a jump-start boost to the final result, and along with continuing at-home, noticeable results are usually achieved in about 2 weeks. View Video


dental implants

Some stains or darkened teeth are more resistant to whitening. These teeth are generally best treated with crowns or veneers. This method can also correct uneven, jagged or chipped teeth as well. View Video