Comprehensive Dental Care

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Dr. Lipscomb provides Comprehensive Dental Care and encourages all his patients to follow a preventive care program, with two maintenance visits each year. During those exams, any needs that Dr. Lipscomb identifies are explained, along with the necessary treatment to address those needs. Dr. Lipscomb listens to your concerns and has suggestions for treatment you would like to receive, like a whiter, brighter smile, veneers or crowns to improve your smile, or help with function, like grinding your teeth or jaw pain. Our dental hygienists are available to take care of healthy mouth cleanings, as well treating concerns of gingivitis and other concerns about your gum tissues. Additionally, when Dr. Lipscomb sees a need that requires the attention of a specialist, he has established relationships with experts in those fields to attend to that specific need. View Video

So, how do you know if you have cavities? Only a full exam by Dr. Lipscomb can provide this answer, with the help of low-exposure digital x-rays and other diagnostic methods available in our office like the Diagnodent™ laser cavity detector, the CariVu™ cavity image system, and other pain-free ways to identify bacterial tooth decay. Tooth decay does not cause pain until it has penetrated the healthy tooth enough to reach the nerve or cause the tooth to break. Detecting and removing decay early is the key to saving healthy tooth structure and repairing the damage with a simple, tooth colored restoration ("filling"). View Video

By the time a tooth hurts it is usually too late to do something simple or inexpensive. It is much easier to treat the decay or cavity while it is still small. The savings in time and money are significant. This is why Dr. Lipscomb recommends two maintenance visits per year, to identify and address concerns early. With a good oral hygiene, regular professional exams and cleanings, and attention to dental needs when identified, you are doing everything you can to keep a healthy and pain-free smile. View Video

Whether it is a Restorative filling in your tooth, a Crown to protect the entire tooth, or a Veneer to improve the tooth's appearance, innovations in dentistry have made tooth restorations easier, more convenient, more accurate, and overall less worrisome for patients. Our office has invested in the CEREC equipment system which allows Dr. Lipscomb to create chairside ceramic tooth restorations using an optical impression of the damaged tooth. In many cases it's possible the filling, crown, or veneer can be manufactured in our office the same day while the patient waits, requiring no return visit. The milled restoration is extremely precise, very durable, and made with biocompatible tooth-colored porcelain. Patients can be treated more conservatively, as modern bonding techniques allow healthier tooth structure to be saved.