New Patients

Thank you for choosing Scott Lipscomb DDS & Associates for your dental care. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve and maintain good dental health and a bright, white smile!

Before you arrive for your appointment...

In order to provide you optimal care, we need to know your medical history and general patient information. You can help expedite your visit by printing out and completing the new patient forms, and bringing them with you the day of your dental appointment. Please call 940-387-9422 or 800-330-3590 if you need assistance.


What to expect on your first visit

When you arrive at our office, you'll sign in and have a seat in our waiting room. If you didn't fill out the new patient forms in advance of your appointment, you will be asked to fill them out before seeing the doctor.

Our experienced administrative staff can assist you with insurance questions, filing insurance claims, and scheduling follow-up appointments. They are prepared to provide general information about your dental needs as well as to respond rapidly when an emergency arises.

Corrective or Cosmetic Procedure Consultation

After Dr. Lipscomb has diagnosed the patient and planned the corrective or cosmetic procedure, he consults with them giving clear, concise information, while addressing their questions and concerns.

When the patient has a thorough understanding of the planned procedure, an appointment is made to come back in to the office for the dental procedure.

Dental Checkup and Cleaning

Dr. Lipscomb and his dental hygienists are dedicated to providing you excellent dental care in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

A thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth will be conducted to identify any trouble areas and suggest corrective procedures when necessary.

Their years of experience will become evident as they gently and thoroughly clean your teeth to help ensure you have a bright, white smile.

Registered Dental Assistants

Dr. Lipscomb's dental assistants make patients as comfortable as possible in the dental chair and prepare them for treatment.

During patient examinations, the dental assistants may assist by handing instruments and materials, and keep patients' mouths dry and clear by using suction or other devices. They sterilize and disinfect instruments and equipment, prepare tray setups for dental procedures, and instruct patients on postoperative and general oral health care.