(that don't fit or feel comfortable anymore)

Dentures are carefully made to ensure a proper fit. However, over time, the bone and gum tissue will change causing the denture to become loose. The denture itself can also change shape if it is allowed to become too dry. Denture acrylic will distort when not kept in a moist environment. It can usually be refitted or relined with additional acrylic to adapt to the tissue again.

The best reline is accomplished by taking an impression with the denture in place and sent to the laboratory for the new acrylic to be heat processed. A denture reline can be accomplished in our office without the need to send the denture off. This enables you to refit your denture without being separated from it for the day. This should work well for several years but will not last as long as the laboratory method. A soft reline is also available and will stay soft and comfortable for about 2 years.